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About us

With not a business suit in sight, you’ve probably guessed we’re a relaxed,
typically Kiwi group.
But our approach to business couldn’t be more serious.

Our photographs were not taken on ‘dress down friday’, the truth is in New Zealand the dress code for business tends to be more casual than many other countries.

On reflection it might have been a good idea to check what each of us would be wearing for the photographic shoot. Then perhaps Scott and Nick might not both have worn their favorite Lumberjack shirts.

Still we believe you have to be true to yourself and as you can see we are a friendly bunch.

We’re also passionate about what we do and share an unshakeable confidence that iDefigo will become a dominant force in the worldwide surveillance industry. To know a little more about us read the profiles below on our key Management team, and at some point we’d love to meet you, we’ll even wear suits, but just don’t expect us to wear ties.


Helen Fisk, CEO and Sales Director
In 2008, Helen launched iDefigo, bringing a group of experienced entrepreneurs with her. iDefigo is an exciting company that is progressively launching a new generation of security and surveillance technologies to the international market. Helen acts as the company hub, ensuring everyone remains focused and making sure communication processes are solid and active at all times. Helen focuses on sales, strategy and evangelising the business. Helen has a passion for technology and business. With strong negotiation and sales skills, Helen has a keen ability to listen, assimilate and synthesise.  Helen relocated to the UK in 2013 and is based out of our Reading office, West of London.



Scott Wattie, Commercial Director
Scott has a passion for innovation development and product commercialisation in the security and wireless sectors. Scott has held leadership roles within software development, carriers and consultancy businesses. Additionally he has played leadership roles within the New Zealand wireless industry, including a period as President of the New Zealand Wireless Forum. Scott has the ability to think both strategically and executionally as the need dictates. Scott has a strong bottom line orientation and he is a positive leader.  Scott spends his time travelling between New Zealand, Australia, America and Europe, developing strategic partnerships within the Telecommunication industry and evangelising the business.



Nick Mooyman, Product Director
Nick brings a high level of technical commercial communication skills to the table. Nick is a University of Otago law graduate and is passionate about technology and experienced in the Security industry. Nick is able to investigate and recommend the appropriate technology solutions needed to support the policies and directives of the Company. Nick focuses on the technical management & delivery side of the Company and is deeply involved in the sales process, both from a strategic and operational perspective.