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Environmental Monitoring Solutions

Water management and environmental monitoring have unique challenges.
The iDefigo solution ensures you always have the information you need about any location, 24 hours a day, no matter how remote.

Water management is a big focus for farmers. Environmental monitoring of waterways is also crucial to ensure changing weather conditions do not disrupt water flow through water culverts, streams, rivers, lakes and various man-made structures.

Monitoring water levels in tanks, particularly tanks positioned in remote locations, to ensure water levels are maintained for animal health
Monitoring water culverts in remote locations is difficult as power is restrictive and the need to travel long distances causes delay and cost issues in getting men onsite regularly.
Monitoring natural resources to identify water flow issues before they become hazardous

Mi5 Security offers a well-priced, specialized camera security solution (RedEye) that is simple to install and operate. This “Made in Australia”, award winning solution is already in operation in Local Govt and Enforcement agencies around the world and includes the following key capabilities:
No wires or cabling required.
Weeks, months or permanent battery life, easy installation, ruggedised for outdoor use.
Stands up to scrutiny.  High resolution images. Time and date stamp for court use. Pre- and post trigger images. 
Day/night capabilities.
Connects to you – LIVE images from a completely wire-free device.  

  • Easy and rapid deployment of a Camera solution, without the need for wiring or power.
  • Footage from even the remotest sites
  • Discreet surveillance from a compact camera
  • Ability to add wire-free REMOTE triggers and night vision spotlights, allowing coverage in both small and large sites
  • Telephoto lens options allow cameras to capture number plates, day and night