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Innovative Security Solutions

iDefigo is a world leader in the creation and supply of award winning security and technology innovations.
It is our mission to do to the security industry, what the iPod did to the music industry.

In May 2011, we won the product innovation award at the prestigious NZ HiTech Awards, and in Los Angeles in December 2011, the company was announced as a winner of the Global 100 award by Red Herring group – recognition that our business is one of the most promising early stage technology companies in the world.

This is particularly exciting for us because the editors at Red Herring were amongst the first to recognize that companies like Google, YouTube, ebay and Skype, would change the way we live and work.

The pace of change in technology nowadays is astonishing. Which is why we feel confident that we really can change the security industry in the same dramatic manner in which the iPod revolutionized music. Of course for some, rapid change is unsettling and people can question technological breakthroughs, wondering if they’ll ‘ever catch on’.
In fact when Bill Gates’s engineers showed him an e-reader in 1998, he told them to forget about the ‘unimportant’ device. The Microsoft founder rejected the gadget, which featured a touchscreen, because he believed the future lay with keyboards and touch screens would never be popular. Then again he also said that nobody would ever need more than 640K of computer memory. Of course he is embarrassed by his lack of vision now, but it is very easy to dismiss an idea that disrupts your point of view.

Our security cameras and iDefigo software platform has certainly disrupted the security industry and caused some anxiety for those with too much invested in the surveillance methods of yesterday. The fact is our technology has already changed the security industry forever and upcoming innovations will ensure that iDefigo will become an industry leader.
So the only question that remains is, are you the sort of person who embraces technological breakthroughs or do you long for the days of cassette tapes?


To see a video of our technology click here