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iDefigo is the first Mobile VSaaS platform in the world to allow live footage from cameras located in remote locations via a secure internet service.
We are now looking for investment partners.

iDefigo Group has identified several key strategies that have the ability to deliver huge financial growth to the business. Each of the strategies has the potential to deliver significant shareholder returns. To support the growth path of the business, the company is always seeking interest from new equity partners.
For further details of our growth strategy and investment requirements please contact us confidentially.
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More about iDefigo Group
iDefigo Group Limited is a multi-award winning company that enables customers to protect and monitor remote assets around the world under its Mi5 Security and iDefigo brands. iDefigo Group sells and licenses its technologies into a security industry reseller network as well as through non-traditional channels (including M2M integrators and Mobile Network Operators). iDefigo Group wholly owns the trading company “iDefigo Limited” (UK), “Mi5 Limited” (NZ), ”Mi5 Security Australia Pty Ltd” (AU) and the software platform business “iDefigo Software Limited”.

iDefigo Group Limited was formed in mid 2008. The business has been receiving good revenues from its sales activities since 2009.

The business concluded its third investment round in mid 2013. The founders of the business continue to form the basis of the leadership team of the business with the strong support of the company’s shareholders.

Internationally, the company sells a unique range of wire-free cameras with subscriptions to the iDefigo VSaaS software platform.

iDefigo was launched in Q4 2010 and is bundled with every wire-free camera the company and its partners sell. Having proven the platform, discussions are now underway to license the iDefigo platform to other manufacturers and key partners. The first major licensing deal is with the UK Environment Agency where iDefigo has been selected to monitor a large number of water culverts.
The company’s business model delivers both a hardware revenue stream and a strong annuity income from customers’ use of the iDefigo service and the bundled cellular M2M services.

In May 2011, Mi5 Security won the product innovation award at the prestigious NZ HiTech Awards.
In Los Angeles in December 2011, the company was announced as a winner of the Global 100 award by Red Herring group – recognition that the business is one of the most promising early stage technology companies in the world.

iDefigo Group’s founding executive directors are Helen Wattie (CEO), Scott Wattie (President & CMO) and Nick Mooyman (COO).
Helen and Scott have owned successful technology and telecommunications businesses in NZ as well as having held leadership roles in the New Zealand technology community. Nick previously owned and operated the New Zealand master franchise for a security business. The Company chairman is Scott Gilmour, a former senior Intel staffer and entrepreneur who has broad experience in guiding technology companies into international expansion.


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