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Job: Solutions Consultant

Title Solutions Consultant
Location UK
Job Information

The Solutions Consultant will support the Global Business Development, and Regional Business Development teams in selling, designing and deploying global products. The services maybe for new clients, or they may be for new partner programmes that will be owned and operated by iDefigo

The Solutions Consultant also supports new regions with knowledge transfer where regional capability does not yet exist.

The Solutions Consultant needs an in-depth understanding of the client or programme goals, and strategies. They need an in-depth understanding of our global products so that they are able to be subject matter experts in the functional and non functional aspects of our global products. The solutions consultant facilitates the matching of our products features and functions to the client’s needs. In addition they need knowledge of the 4 key processes across Pre Sales, Client Implementation, Service Management and Client management, so in their interaction with the regional service centre they are credible and knowledgeable about the end to end process across the sale and the client lifecycle and they can support the regional service centre in knowing how they will engage with the Business Developers, and therefore fostering a collaborative relationship with the regions.

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