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Local Government

Local Government Security & Monitoring Solutions.
Remote Monitoring of Rubbish Dumping sites, Graffiti sites, recreation areas and public infrastructure.

Many Local Government agencies, utilities and construction companies utilise Mi5’s portable and wire-free camera monitoring and surveillance solutions to minimise issues with illegal dumping (fly tipping), dumping of dangerous goods, illegal property access, graffiti and vandalism.
In many instances, agencies require monitoring footage in order to gather intelligence around various issues – i.e. Officers managing fisheries monitor access to beaches to ascertain visitor numbers in there endeavor to manage illegal activities. In other cases, security footage is required in order to prosecute offenders through court proceedings. This is often the case with Graffiti, Vandalism and fly tipping cases.

Mi5 Security offers a well-priced, specialized camera security solution that is simple to install and operate. This “Made in Australia”, award winning solution is already in operation in Local Govt and Enforcement agencies around the world and includes the following key capabilities:
No wires, no worries.  No cables, weeks or months of battery life, easy installation, ruggedised for outdoor use.
Stands up to scrutiny.  High resolution images. Time and date stamp for court use. Pre- and post trigger images. 
Day/night capabilities.
Connects to you – LIVE images from a completely wire-free device.


Below are a series of selected images from a Rubbish Dumping site in the North Island of New Zealand. Within this sequence we have captured four cars arriving and dumping images. One of these vehicles is featured below.

Footage was captured using a telephoto lens RedEye camera with a RedEye Remote Trigger placed near the fence.

Below are a series of selected images from various building sites. Footage was captured using a standard wide-angle lens RedEye Extreme camera placed approx. 6m from the target. As a Project Management tool, the camera is set to take images on a time-lapse basis, 1 every 5 minutes. In other cases, the cameras feature external, wireless REMOTE triggers which are placed around the yard or entranceways for onsite security image capture either instead of, or as well as TimeLapse footage.
Below are also examples where users have opted for the RedEye Extreme Day/Night, which includes a visible or infra-red spotlight. Activated wirelessly by the REMOTE triggers, the light activation can act as a deterrent for unwanted visitors. Alternatively, using the infra-red lighting, users can discreetly monitor activity onsite at night and footage can be analysed by site managers or a third party monitoring station
RedEye Extreme is able to run indefinitely on it’s own power and, like RedEye Wireless, it’s easy to install with no mains power or other cabling required. Unlike traditional solutions, RedEye cameras feature an incredibly low power consumption and therefore a relatively small, 20W solar panel is sufficient to power even the most demanding of site security or monitoring needs.

Mi5 Security offers a range of solutions to fit the varying needs of Local Government.
Each solution is simple to install and operate on any site. No wires or cabling required.
RedEye Wireless: For temporary locations this discreet camera takes images on time-lapse to allow Project Managers to analyse progress at each site.
RedEye Wireless Day/Night: Used for targeted, short-term operation to capture unlawful activity onsite. Featuring an inbuilt infra-red night vision spotlight, this solution is placed close to at-risk materials or equipment and set to trigger on motion.
RedEye Extreme: For more demanding locations, this solution will last indefinitely onsite without the need for maintenance to recharge batteries. Able to work in Mixed mode, RedEye Extreme is used for both Project Management requirements and Security.
RedEye Extreme Day/Night: Includes Mi5 Security’s “Advanced Light Control System”, which is operated by the REMOTE triggers or REMOTE beam-set.  We also have options for Infra-Red light control systems where the site requires discreet detection.
REMOTE triggers and REMOTE night vision spotlights: The ability to trigger RedEye camera hardware from up to 80m away allows security coverage of a wide area at sites.
All of our Wireless range of cameras feature the ability to view Live footage (iDefigo service) and to manage camera hardware from any location via the web. This allows site managers or a third party monitoring (Guard) service to receive and react to event alerts through a flexible and user friendly online interface that can seamlessly integrate with existing systems where necessary.

All Mi5 Security cameras can be rapidly deployed in any location. The below pictures show an example deployment of the RedEye Extreme camera at a site. The RedEye Extreme camera and a small 20W solar panel are affixed to a temporary pole at the edge of the project site. In this example a white LED spotlight is also attached to the camera to enable clear images to be captured at night.