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Mining Solutions

Whether it’s surface mining, underground mining, minerals processing or construction facilities, the mining Industry holds safety and health above all else.
These are all environments that possess unique challenges when it comes to safety and security.

As a secondary concern, the protection of company resources and assets is of paramount importance in ensuring a sustainable operation.
Mi5 Security is mindful of the varying challenges including hazards, potential injuries and damage, site-access compliance, accommodation management, protestor activity, as well as the challenge of the limited availability of telecommunications due to the remoteness of sites. The very nature of the fact that the mining locations are outside the mainstream population areas significantly contributes to the logistical challenge of security and monitoring on site.


  • Security of materials and equipment at an affordable price
  • Monitoring of project progress (using time-lapse image capture and providing multiple secure login for access live footage by stake-holders)
  • Monitoring sub-contractor movements to manage billing expectations (using time-lapse image capture)
  • Monitoring of site access points
  • Monitoring of accommodation entrances
  • “Sting” operations for suspected internal theft issues


  • Mi5 Security offers a range of solutions to fit the varying needs of the
  • Mining and Resources Industry.
  • Each solution is simple to install and operate on any site. No wires or cabling required.
  • RedEye Wireless: For temporary locations this discreet camera takes images on time-lapse to allow Site Managers to analyse progress at each location.
  • RedEye Wireless Day/Night: Used for targeted, short-term operation to capture unlawful activity onsite. Featuring an inbuilt infra-red night vision spotlight, this solution is placed close to at-risk materials or equipment and set to trigger on motion.
  • RedEye Extreme: For more demanding locations, this solution will last indefinitely onsite without the need for maintenance to recharge batteries.
  • Able to work in Mixed mode, RedEye Extreme is used for both Project
  • Management requirements and Security.
  • RedEye Extreme Day/Night: Includes Mi5 Security’s “Advanced Light Control System”, which is operated by the REMOTE triggers or REMOTE beam-set.  We also have options for Infra-Red light control systems where the site requires discreet detection.
  • REMOTE triggers and REMOTE night vision spotlights: The ability to trigger RedEye camera hardware from up to 80m away allows security coverage of a wide area at sites.


All of our Wireless range of cameras feature the ability to view Live footage (iDefigo service) and to manage camera hardware from any location via the web. This allows site managers or a third party monitoring (Guard) service to receive and react to event alerts through a flexible and user friendly online interface that can seamlessly integrate with existing systems where necessary.

Because the Security requirements within the Mining Industry are wide and varied, we have selected a variety of images below to show managers the flexibility of the solutions, and how this might transpose into the specific environmental needs of your Mining site.

For applications where both Site Monitoring and Security is required, footage can be captured using a standard wide-angle lens RedEye Extreme camera. The camera would usually be set to take images on a time-lapse basis, once every five to ten minutes. The camera can then switch to security mode and capture footage when motion is detected – the camera uses wireless REMOTE Triggers or point-to-point Beams placed around the yard or entranceways to detect movement.
Examples are shown where users have opted for the RedEye Extreme Day/Night, which includes a spotlight to illuminate the target area for night time activity. Both white LED light systems and Infrared light systems area available.

Activated wirelessly by the REMOTE triggers, the light activation 
can act as a deterrent for unwanted visitors. This has proven to 
be an effective tool at site entranceways for various Mining 
locations. Alternatively, using the infra-red lighting, users can 
discreetly monitor activity onsite at night and footage can be 
analysed by site managers or a third party monitoring station.
RedEye Extreme is able to run indefinitely on it’s own power
and, like RedEye Wireless, it’s easy to install with no mains 
power or other cabling required. Unlike traditional solutions, 
RedEye cameras feature an incredibly low power consumption 
and therefore a relatively small, 20W solar panel is sufficient 
to power even the most demanding of site security or 
monitoring needs.

Benefits of the Mi5 Security cameras

Mixed mode: The unique ability to use the same camera for both Motion activated footage (Security) and in Time-lapse mode (Project Management) means you can use one camera for a dual purpose. For example, on a Site the Project Manager may wish to receive images every 10 minutes or so from each site so they can analyze activity and decide priorities for site visits and so on.  At the same time, Managers may wish to be notified of any unauthorized visitors after hours, so they would use the same camera during these times to detect any motion on site and alert them to possible issues.

Unlike traditional lighting systems for sites, our light control system does not require mains power and can be triggered by external devices.  This makes deployment easy to manage and adds flexibility and control around the triggering process – users are not limited to lights triggering within a small area of the site and can cover both a larger area and hard to get to locations.
Easy and rapid deployment of a Camera solution, without the need for wiring or power.

Footage can be viewed instantly from even the most remote sites
Fast easy deployment saves on site costs and the need for expert external advise on security and monitoring installations
Discreet surveillance from a compact camera allows site managers to place cameras in various locations when machinery and supplies are onsite and temporarily at risk of theft.
The Mi5 Security cameras support both small and large sites because of the ability to position wire-free REMOTE triggers and REMOTE night vision spotlights at a distance.
Telephoto lens options allow cameras to capture number plates, day and night

Deployment of the Mi5 Security cameras

The below pictures show an example deployment of the RedEye Extreme camera at a construction site. The RedEye Extreme camera and a small 20W solar panel are affixed to a temporary pole at the edge of the project site. In this example a white LED spotlight is also attached to the camera to enable clear images to be captured at night.