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Award Winning Technology

By idefigofresh2016

On 09, Sep 2012 | In | By idefigofresh2016

Award Winning Technology

We’ve had many successes and we are proud to have won some major awards recently, including Red Herring whose judges recognised us as one of the top 100 technology start-ups in the world, presenting us with a Top 100 Global award. Since 1996 the Red Herring100 list has been used by technology industry investors and commentators to uncover the most promising private ventures from around the world.

“Choosing the best out of the previous two years was by no means a small feat,” said Alex Vieux, Chairman of Red Herring. “The competition for the Top 100 was fierce and the Top 100 Global winners are truly the best of the best.”

Finalists are judged on a range of qualitative and quantitative metrics, including technology innovation, financial performance, growth, management, potential globalisation of the strategy and market share improvement.

iDefigo CEO Helen Wattie said, “When you consider that RED Herring editors were among the first to recognise technology giants Google, Skype, YouTube, ebay etc, we feel privileged to be seen in this company and receive such recognition”.

Watch the iDefigo video here