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Instant Surveillance Anywhere

By idefigofresh2016

On 09, Sep 2012 | In | By idefigofresh2016

Instant Surveillance Anywhere

This photograph of Franz Josef glacier in the South Island of New Zealand, sums up perfectly what makes our technology so special. Conditions in this remote location can be extreme and makes it the perfect acid test for the iDefigo system. For the first time ever you can install a high quality surveillance solution anywhere in the world and within minutes, monitor that site wherever you happen to be.

Installation couldn’t be easier, first choose your location, then mount the camera (just need a screwdriver) arm the device – simply turn it on, now you can access the images via the iDefigo platform using any internet-connected computer, iPhone or iPad from anywhere in the world. Which is why our cameras have been heralded as a revolution in portable surveillance.


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