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When we say our technology has already changed the security industry forever and that upcoming innovations will ensure iDefigo will become an industry leader, you could be forgiven for thinking – you’ve heard it all before from overly enthusiastic tech companies. So if you want to know what makes this different from the usual self promotion hype, take a look at our unique benefits and judge for yourself.


The industry problem…

• Monitoring of assets or environments where there is no infrastructure or requires large batteries or expensive cabling
• Surveillance hardware placed in outdoor and remote locations is at risk of theft or vandalism. This risk is personified by requirements for large batteries and equipment
• Surveillance and monitoring systems are complex and require experienced staff to install, configure and support
• Traditional CCTV technologies are not suitable for cellular transmission and can have adverse affects on a network
• Most DVR & VMS software is designed for the security industry, they are not user or enterprise customer focused


iDefigo’s game changing solution…

• iDefigo offers camera that draws an incredibly low amount of power so they can be used in remote locations where mains power is unavailable.
• The design of iDefigo’s cameras enable rapid deployment and suit operation in covert environments
• iDefigo’s cameras can be installed and managed by anyone – the camera is simply mounted, turned on and monitored online
• iDefigo’s cameras and software are designed and built for operation with GPRS and 3G data technologies
• The iDefigo platform delivers a highly scalable environment that includes a user centric design and a secure API for easy integration

iDefigo’s unique proposition for monitoring and/or surveillance has been particularly successful when sold into the following 18 market segments.
Also our greatest success has been found when a solution is required in remote locations or where a temporary solution is needed.


Public Sector Opportunities

• Police and Enforcement Agencies
• Correction Services
• Natural Resources Management
• Parks & Conservation
• Roading & Transport Agencies
• Health
• Education
• Local and Regional Councils
• Border Protection and BioSecurity


Private Sector Opportunities

• Rural – Agriculture, Horticulture, Viticulture
• Rural–Forestry
• Construction-Building, Roading, Mining
• Public Transport
• Marine
• Utilities
• Manufacturing, Industrial & Warehousing
• Research Groups
• Residential Property access