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IOT Surveillance Management Platform

iDefigo – Award winning surveillance monitoring and management.
Can be accessed using any internet-connected computer, iPhone or iPad from anywhere in the world.

The iDefigo VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Service) platform is a secure cloud based solution that collects and presents images, footage and information from remotely connected cameras and other devices that can be monitored by our customers from anywhere in the world using any internet-connected computer, iPhone or iPad device.

Using iDefigo, customers can gain full information of the status of situations and events – customers not only know what happened but also can ascertain when and why it happened.

The iDefigo User Dashboard empowers customers and key personnel to manage their own monitoring and surveillance activities. Our cameras use a programmable sampling technique to transmit a series of security-grade still images. Additionally the outstanding image quality is retained for each frame without the usual image degradation received by taking a still frame from standard video footage. The user sees a “filmstrip” of images with the ability to easily copy any image for identification purposes.

Unlike other VSaaS services, the iDefigo platform has been designed specifically for the mobile environment, where cameras and devices can connect to the cloud at anytime, from anywhere. The key to iDefigo is connectivity. It is the only VSaaS platform designed specifically for the mobile environment.

Our technology enables surveillance solutions to be delivered rapidly from any location within GSM/3G cellular coverage. The platform provides a secure carrier-grade infrastructure that is sold and promoted through a network of partners and licensees. iDefigo is highly-scalable service able to support a customer with one camera or 100,000 cameras. Unique to iDefigo is the ‘iDefigo ecosystem’ that enables the easy integration and customisation of the service offering to customers in a wide range of industry sectors.

For larger organisations the iDefigo Enterprise Edition is the best solution to easily manage multiple users and their access rights. These iDefigo applications are able to use the carrier’s brand. The iDefigo Reseller and Carrier Editions are designed to provide key partners with a range of administration and management tools to quickly and efficiently enroll, authenticate, bill, manage and support customers.


To watch a short video of our technology click here