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As the manager of a construction site that closed due to the lockdown imposed by the coronavirus, it is important to go one step further than protecting the health of your employees by protecting your physical assets. Valuable assets like plant machinery, expensive tools and stored equipment are at risk of being stolen by opportunistic thieves in a time when police forces are stretched to their limits and security personnel are increasingly self-isolating. Reckless trespassers could use your plants to cause extensive damage and endanger others around them. Further to your assets, the security of your construction site itself is at risk.

Removing all assets from your site is not easy or inexpensive. It’s equally challenging to ensure the protection of the site itself without imposing physical barriers at considerable cost. The alternative is to use remote surveillance that enables you to observe the security of your site in real-time. Current options, such as CCTV, require a significant financial outlay, time to install and need for power or generators that need refuelling.

Whilst many sites may have some CCTV protection in place there will be areas of the site that are not protected and a solution is needed to be able to rapidly “infill” these weak spots.

How do you get “eyes on” to these important events?

The iDefigo solution

iDefigo, a UK-based specialist in hardware and software solutions for remote surveillance, has a Smart Camera solution for remote surveillance of your construction site and all of your valuable equipment. The Smart Camera can be easily installed anywhere across your site, thus enabling you to constantly monitor the assets and areas of most value to you. The cameras capture events that matter and can be viewed in real-time on any web-enabled device you own, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You do not have to connect to on-site power or internet and the cameras can be installed easily without any intervention from specialists. Crucially, the cameras have an alert feature which notifies you if a trigger event has occurred, such as someone trespassing on the site.  

The iDefigo Hosted Platform stores and gives you access to all recorded footage, from anywhere in the world, with any device. In the case of a theft, the archived footage will be of great value in identifying culprits and in retrieving lost property. By having this feature available to you from any device, you can rest assured in the knowledge that surveillance of your site is only a click away.

Relieve yourself of the stress of worrying about your construction site and equipment with our bespoke solution for remote surveillance. To learn more about how the solution can be deployed on your property, contact us now.

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