We provide our mobile surveillance solution to many sectors, including: Transport, Property, Construction, Housing Associations, Local Authorities, Government Agencies, Utilities and Rural businesses.

Across these sectors we provide these applications:

Prevention and Retrospective Enforcement

Fly Tipping

Fly Tipping

Fly Tipping

Remote monitoring, evidence provision

Remote monitoring, evidence provision

Remote monitoring, evidence provision


Reading Borough Council

Generated 27 fixed penalty notices (FPN) in as little as four months. The kit at the sites more than paid for itself in the first four months.

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Wirral Borough Council


Over £50,000 PA cost savings in Officer time. Average increase of £500 per case in court costs awarded where camera footage is used in evidence.


Lanarkshire Council


Over five prosecutions being carried out, one involving the illegal dumping of asbestos in addition to multiple £200 fixed penalty notices.

Safety, Security and Analysis



Local Authority

Remote monitoring, Marketing assets

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Concrete Structures (NZ) Inc

Remote monitoring and creation of time lapse video's of footage showing construction projects being built from start to finish, used for publicity purposes.

Remote monitoring, protecting assets


HS2 Contractor

Remote vacant building and asset monitoring and protection.

Remote monitoring, protecting assets

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 Policing Speed Camera Protection

Monitoring remotely located speed cameras helping to counter vandalism.

Monitoring, Prevention and Retrospective Enforcement

Anti-social behaviour

Hazard and environmental conditions monitoring

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             Great Places               Housing Association

Protecting residents from Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) incidents.

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    Waikato Regional Council

Waikato monitors coastal hazards to ensure the safety of its coast and beach users and monitor environmental conditions.

Agriculture; Remote Monitoring, Logistics Monitoring

Remote monitoring, logistics monitoring

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    Isis Sugar Mills

Isis rely on iDefigo to save time and money through monitoring their assets remotely.

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