Artificial Intelligence is at the heart iDefigo's technology strategy. We seek to leverage the power of machine learning and computer vision, via both edge processing (within the camera) and once within our cloud platform, to create powerful solutions for our clients.


iDefigo specialise in mobilising camera technologies to enable them to be deployed in the most remote and challenging environments; by using the IoT network and our unique range of power options. The IDCAM family of cameras  can be deployed on existing infrastructure such as buildings or trees, or even on rapid deployment tripods and poles.


Security is paramount to our IoT solutions. We use respected industry security principles to protect our client's data. These include only using IoT Sims which connect to our dedicated Private APN, using a dual IPsec-VPN tunnel, and only storing data in a secure AWS environment (no data is stored locally on the camera).


The platform uses AI to power our notification engine. The user can receive notifications and alerts when customers, staff or passers-by exceed pre-set thresholds. These can include but are not exclusive to; capacity monitoring, wearing of PPE, elevated body temperatures, social distance rules.


Actionable Insights and management style reports available wherever you are. For instance, the recent pandemic has forced business owners and building managers to introduce new policies and guidelines to keep those who use their buildings as safe as possible. Our high-level management reports provide actionable insights on building user behaviour and help inform improvements to practices and layouts.



The iDefigo platform is powered by data from our exciting family of mobilised cameras:



Rapid Remote Surveillance:
High Quality Event-triggered images


Automatic Number Plate Capture:
Highly accurate edge processing


New range of products for the pandemic: thermal screening, face mask detection, social distancing cameras

Our Technology

Our approach has broken the traditional mould of the CCTV security industry. By providing cameras that can be located anywhere, capturing high quality images from which vital business intelligence is extracted, we are able to solve the following industry challenges:

  • Monitoring of assets or environments where there is no infrastructure or where large batteries/expensive cables are required. 

  • Surveillance hardware placed in outdoor or remote areas is at risk from theft and vandalism. 

  • Surveillance and monitoring systems are complex and require experienced staff to install, configure and support. 

  • Traditional CCTV technologies are not suitable for cellular transmission and can adverse impact on the network. 

  • The software provided for viewing and managing footage is designed for the security industry and are not user or customer focused. 


iDefigo's game changing solution: 

  • Our cameras draw an incredibly low amount of power so they can be used in remote locations where mains power is unavailable.

  • They can be deployed rapidly and suit operation in a covert environment. 

  • Our cameras can be installed and managed by anyone - the camera is simply mounted, turned on and monitored online. 

  • Our cameras and software are designed and built for operation with 2G, 3G and 4G data technologies. 

  • Our platform delivers a highly scalable environment that includes a user centric design and secure API for easy integration.