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COVID-19 Safeguarding Solutions


We’re here to support your business with Covid-19 Safeguarding Solutions; to help defend your building from the unseen.


With the global Covid-19 pandemic potentially changing the way we live, work and operate for the long-term, iDefigo have developed our IDCAM Protect range to help with protecting employees by:

  • Non-contact body temperature screening

  • Face mask detection

  • Securing site operations

  • Ensuring safe and effective people flow with people counting & social distancing


Just plug into mains power and your Protect product is up and running straight away.


Who Use Us to Protect?
Common sectors for this solution include:
  • Health Sector e.g. Care homes
  • Education e.g. Schools & Universities
  • Private Businesses & Offices
  • Shared offices & workspaces
  • Hospitality & Entertainment
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