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Image by Chris Liverani



The iDefigo products as Internet of Things (IoT) mobile devices are designed to be extremely easy to install and manage, plus can be deployed anywhere, ensuring the applications of our technology are varied and many.  This means that we are working across a whole new range of channel partners from Telco’s to Facility Management Companies to Building Contractors.


iDefigo takes the concept of ‘Partnership’ to the next level.  We not only empower you to sell our solutions to your clients with a sector-specific focus but we also directly work with you to target your clients, booking appointments and even passing you leads.


If you are like our largest partner Vodafone and are looking to take a new value added technology solution to your clients be that in the broad application of ‘Mobile Surveillance’ or our ‘Protect’ range aimed at helping businesses get back to work, then please contact us.

Check out our work with Vodafone here: Vodafone Smart Wireless Camera


iDefigo works with a range of resellers of Surveillance technology helping generate a new revenue stream from the portfolio of ‘Mobilised Surveillance and Protect’ products. 

Existing customers will have requirements for either the new ‘Protect’ range that helps business reduce the risk of people returning to work, or the Mobile Surveillance products that can provide ‘eyes on, anywhere’.


The iDefigo portfolio generates both upfront revenue for the provision and installation of the IoT devices but also provides you with an annuity, subscription revenue stream from the Hosted Software Platform where images and data are processed, stored and used by clients to kick of other business processes.


If you are looking to grow your business by generating a new revenue stream please contact us.

Check out this promotional video from our Reseller Partner Getsensing (part of GetMapping):


The iDefigo solution portfolio lends itself to being part of the overall service of a number of other managed services.  For example:


  • Parking Applications needing to identify vehicles movements using data provided from the iDefigo platform.

  • Business applications that require the tracking vehicle movements into and across a site.

  • Site security applications that automate alerts based on criteria like vehicles or people entering a site.

  • Smart Cities providers looking for supplementary data from the iDefigo devices and platform.

  • Integration with Building Management Systems: people movements, face mask, temperature detection.


If you are an application provider in any of these spaces or anywhere that visual information could add value to your services then please contact us.

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