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Fly Tipping

Prevention and Retrospective Enforcement

Is your council one of the many across the country facing a surge in fly tipping. It has been widely reported fly tipping has increased substantially in recent years.


Fly tipping has a pernicious effect on the environment and property prices in the surrounding area. The chief cost, however, is the financial cost to the taxpayer of investigating and clearing up. The areas where the most amount of waste is fly tipped, including remote areas such as highways, council land, farmland, footpaths and alleyways, represent a logistical and technological challenge for surveillance.

How do you get “eyes on” to these important events?


iDefigo in association with Vodafone provide over 50 Local Authorities in the UK with real time insight into when fly tipping instances have occurred and supporting evidence to support prosecution. This will allow the respective enforcement teams to then look to target the offenders and ultimately reduce the number of instances of fly tipping occurring. Using AI, the solution will automatically generate alerts when waste is detected to assist in the proactive management of enforcement and clear up.

Read our case studies of how our equipment has been effectively deployed by several Borough Councils to tackle fly tipping and the benefits such as an income stream generated by fines to offset clean up costs by clicking on the images below:

Case Studies

Screenshot 2021-08-20 at 12.05.19.png
Screenshot 2021-09-03 at 14.17.05.png
Screenshot 2021-08-20 at 12.05.09.png

Fly Tipping Challenges


  • Unable to gather intelligence around the activity at areas prone to fly tipping

  • Difficult to prosecute and/or fine offenders

  • Significant unbudgeted costs to clear the rubbish from sites

  • Significant time and cost for forensic investigations

  • Fly tipping often occurs in remote areas

The iDefigo solution

iDefigo, a UK-based specialist in hardware and software solutions for remote surveillance, has a Smart Camera solution which directly addresses the challenges that come with monitoring the most common sites for fly tipping. Unlike CCTV, the Smart Camera offers high-grade cameras that are easily installed anywhere at a low cost. The cameras capture events that matter and transmit images to any device, 24/7, with no on-site power, networking, or integration required. Importantly, the cameras send alerts when a trigger event has occurred, such as an act of fly tipping.

  • Identifies events to help reduce the volume of anti-social behaviour

  • Provides the evidence for prosecution when needed

  • Increase the confidence of local residents and businesses in the borough or area by helping to reduce the occurrence of fly tipping

  • Provides additional income through prosecutions and fines - the Smart Camera solution pays for itself within months


The Smart Camera solution offers an inexpensive yet high-grade system for identifying culprits of fly tipping. The solution’s ease of use and real-time monitoring means that you will be able to respond quickly to either apprehend suspects or capture enforceable evidence for prosecution. This will save considerable time and resources for authorities and have the effect of acting as a deterrent on further fly tipping.

 ‘The smart cameras are a great additional deterrent to this anti-social and illegal behaviour. The cameras have been a truly useful asset in certain locations. There have also been several successful prosecutions where we have had to take offenders to court. This is the first time we have used cameras of this type: we initially bought one set of three but have purchased a further two sets as we find them useful in combating illegal dumping.’ 

Cllr Barnett-Ward of Reading Borough Council


To learn more about how the solution can be deployed in your council, contact us now.

A fly tipper caught in action

A repeat offender, part of an organised gang, pictured here dumping Asbestos with a £120,000 clearance price tag. The vehicle was seized by the Police and evidence compiled as part of a criminal investigation resulting in prosecution.

Screenshot 2021-09-06 at 16.12.52.png
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