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Helping HS2 to run a secure, smooth operation

The ambitious and complex construction project requires some extremely expensive plant machinery, upwards of £200,000 in value. This is often stored in remote and vulnerable locations until being moved and brought into use and then transported back to a storage location. After the theft of one of these items, a solution was needed to protect these vital assets but the remoteness of the locations has meant that traditional wired Construction Site #CCTV systems were not viable.

This is is where iDefigo is helping. Combined with the risks of plant machinery theft and the security challenges posed by HS2 protestors, our smart cameras have been deployed by one of the contractors to address a range of challenges that require monitoring and protection including the following:

• Monitoring remote perimeters

• Protecting vacant and empty property

• Monitoring expensive plant machinery

• Monitoring site access points

The security team are able to rapidly respond to ongoing events when they occur.

In addition, visual recorded evidence has been captured and studied to aid in the investigation of perimeter breaches.

A key benefit is that it provides the security team a means to rapidly “shore up” vulnerable parts of the site, works and strategic assets in a rapidly deployed cost effective manner. For our free Construction Security and Surveillance Guide click here:


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