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How iDefigo Have Made an Impact in 2022 - End of Year Statement

It’s been quite a year for iDefigo. There have once again been a number of environmental issues that have grabbed the headlines in the UK including the ever-persistent problem of fly tipping and waterway sewage, flooding and overflows.

Fly tipping continues to be a persistent issue in the society we live with tippers blighting our countryside, towns and cities on a daily basis. More and more councils are reaching out to iDefigo to help in the battle to combat dumpers and creating cleaner neighbourhoods. In July the BBC news showcased The South London Partnership in South London (The five boroughs of Croydon, Kingston upon Thames, Merton, Richmond upon Thames and Sutton) and their response and success at reducing fly tipping incidents in their areas which now includes over 80 AI enabled Smart Cameras as part of their wider IoT initiative. iDefigo were happy to be interviewed in this news story at the time.

Leaking sewage and overflows into our rivers and coastal area has also been a hot topic with the government tightening up legislation in this area. iDefigo has been working tirelessly with Vodafone and a number of the key water companies in providing a strategy to make our waterways and environment cleaner. This is achieved through remote monitoring (Using pioneering AI capabilities to capture events that matter) and reporting enabling water companies to monitor and rapidly address spillages quickly and efficiently to reduce the environmental impact when things go wrong.

Our solutions for these two specific areas mean remote areas can be economically and efficiently monitored and incidents immediately reported, but they also result in far fewer manual trips to sites for physical visual monitoring meaning less fuel use and reduced pollution. This is very much built into the iDefigo DNA through our services contributing to decreasing pollution and having a positive impact on the environment and cleaner neighbourhoods. We are looking forward to making further improvements to our society in 2023 and beyond. Scott and the whole iDefigo team.


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