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How is AI fighting Fly Tippers?

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Recent Government figures show fly tipping costs us £392 million a year with over 60,000 fly-tipping incidents with construction, demolition, and excavation material in 2020/21, an increase of 18% from 2019/20. As part of new government funding announced this April one of the specific area’s councils will receive grants from the Government includes CCTV and within the initiative is described as: ‘The covert and overt CCTV cameras at hot-spot locations can help to reduce the numbers of people dumping waste illegally, whilst also providing further evidence to help identify those that are recidivist offenders.’  

Like all Boroughs in the UK, The South London Partnership have suffered from an increasing amount of fly tipping over recent years which include items such as soil and aggregates, mattresses, chemicals, discarded house contents, furniture, and miscellaneous builder’s waste. The majority of this is found in streets, down alleyways, near garage blocks and on housing estates community bin areas where overflow issues exist. This is often a danger and unsightly to local residents, and at the top end of the scale there are lorry loads dumped on industrial and remote sites with tonnes of waste at a time being discarded by professional gangs and operators.

iDefigo in association with Vodafone have installed over 80 cameras so far this year in the Borough's. Where the cameras have been positioned iDefigo’s AI-powered Smart Camera solution has delivered immediate benefits for the South London Partnership. There has been a significant reduction in fly tipping incidents in both residential and industrial estate areas.

As well as the cost and time benefits it is clear the cameras lead to happier residents, less waste, a less unpleasant environment, less dangerous substances, no unpleasant chemicals and asbestos and fewer complaints.

Andrew Parsons, responsible for the project says “iDefigo and Vodafone have done more than is probably necessary through goodwill, they have been very flexible with us... It has genuinely made a night and day difference this is making to blighting residents’ lives. It is clear that an 80% reduction in fly tipping is a tangible benefit of our efforts”.

iDefigo’s Smart Camera solution is creating cleaner neighbourhoods using AI and IoT technologies. Through advances in IoT, computer vision and AI technologies, systems and processes are being proactively fine-tuned and enhanced to maximise the results of the project and the impact against fly tippers for the benefit of the Borough Councils’ and residents alike.

For the BBC News video on the project click here

For the iDefigo The London Partnership fly tipping case study click here

iDefigo is a market leader and supplies cameras to over 50 Local Councils and Construction companies to for example protect HS2 machinery and vacant properties. The benefits are no cables and the associated costs, flexibility to move the cameras within minutes, live feed of images to a dashboard and AI technology to alert events of concern instantly through real time notifications and simple and easy footage reviewing to pinpoint PIR triggers. Powered by Vodafone these cameras can literally be sited anywhere.

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