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iDefigo Smart Camera Systems Help Police Authorities Combat Rural Crime

Are you having issues with the theft of farm machinery? Quad bike ASB? Poaching? Non-dwelling burglary?

Thames Valley Police has just launched a Rural Crime Taskforce, in a bid to make the region a hostile place for those who commit rural crimes.

The taskforce consists of a team of dedicated officers, as well as intelligence support, who will work with partners, drone units, and the Joint Operations Unit with Hampshire to tackle serious and organised rural crime.

Rural crimes are offences that relate to farms, agriculture, wildlife, the environment and heritage sites where they are targeted due to their isolation or rural location. From harm to animals to the theft of vital machinery, rural crime causes distress, misery and hardship for farmers who rely on their land and machinery for their livelihoods.

The taskforce is working to support rural communities and tackle crime, and has recovered over £400,000 worth of trailers, caravans and other equipment.

iDefigo provide a range of remote Smart Camera solutions that can be deployed anywhere to provide “Eyes On” to events that matter including rural crime, with:

  • Unique Wireless Technology using fixed wire, or battery and/or solar technology and secure mobile IoT network enabling visual intelligence to be captured and viewed anywhere (Mobiles and Tablets for example).

  • The cameras intelligently detect relevant events and footage taken is immediately transmitted over the Internet of Things (IoT) network to the secure iDefigo cloud platform.

  • Combined with a cloud-based platform and AI technology to help automate manual processes and raise conditional alerts such as people detected at a time and place, when nobody should be there.

  • Feed visual data into Police communications systems to inform and optimise response.

Key applications:

• Protecting all sorts of property, sites and assets

• Monitor ASB such as Quad Bike use

• Remote site security and access management 24x7x365

• Environmental conditions (water level, pollution, etc)

• Critical events such as poaching and livestock theft

• Vehicle and people movements and counts

• Protection of rural speed camera equipment and visual evidence of vandalism

• GDPR compliant as no date is stored in the devices

• Carbon neutral on solar power

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