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iDefigo work with St. Luke's Hospital

St Luke’s Hospital, Oxford select iDefigo “Protect EBT” Body Temperature cameras to protect their patients, residents and staff and to help visitors to meet with their loved ones.

London, January 14, 2020 – iDefigo, the providers of rapidly deployable IoT-based visual intelligence anywhere solutions, have announced that St. Luke’s Hospital in Oxford have chosen iDefigo to supply “Protect” Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) cameras to perform temperature screening and face mask detection for all staff and visitors entering the Hospital and care home and help to protect their residents.

Unlike handheld temperature guns that require close contact, a risk for the operator and visitor, the cameras enable a non-intrusive and contactless way to capture accurate temperature readings. Exceptions over a defined limit are alerted to key staff so they can take appropriate action and ensure a safe environment.

iDefigo were selected after a short trial where Operations Manager Natalie Birks, who is responsible for technology and innovation found that

· The system de risked and enabled non-intrusive temperature scanning and was well received by everyone.

· It was easy to deploy and didn’t need any technical integration.

· It was very easy to use with options for web and mobile apps and email alerts.

Natalie commented that the installed iDefigo cameras have enabled St Lukes to:

· Save time for reception staff not needing to manually check temperatures.

· Collect accurate and timely temperature readings and take action if detected temperature is over a certain limit.

· Take temperatures for staff even when the reception is not manned e.g. early shift start.

· Take temperatures more than once during the day as people pass the camera.

· Remind people not wearing a face mask to put one on.

· Identify when someone has taken their mask off before leaving the building, along with evidence.

· Provide ongoing protection through seasonal situations such as the Flu during the winter.

· Deliver an aggregated report showing recorded body temperatures and facemask usage for audit and compliance purposes.

“It is vital that we continue to adapt to both meet changing regulations and to take every step we can in our infection control measures to provide assurance that St Luke’s Hospital in Oxford are doing all we can to protect our residents, staff and visitors.” said Natalie Birks, Operations Manager

“We are delighted to be working with St. Luke’s Hospital and to help to give confidence to residents and visitors alike that their safety is at the fore of the services St. Luke’s provide, both now and ongoing,” said Russ Pedder, iDefigo Sales Director.

About iDefigo

iDefigo is a UK company who address the global market demand for “eyes on” in remote locations. The company’s products have evolved to revolutionise the security industry by truly ‘unleashing’ surveillance technology – in both senses of the word. The iDefigo solution does not need to be tethered (for power or network connectivity) so can be rapidly deployed anywhere, at a much lower cost than conventional solutions.

iDefigo also provide a range of COVID-19 Protection solutions with simplicity by design. Simply plug into mains power and your protection starts straight away.

Today, iDefigo works with customers around the globe, empowering them with visual information to safeguard employees and protect their remote assets and sites.

St Luke’s Hospital

St Luke’s Hospital is an independent Registered Care Home with Nursing, offering both long-term and short-term care. We aim to provide a high standard of patient care, ensuring privacy, dignity, and freedom of individual choice. St Luke’s offers high-quality care in a calm, kind, compassionate way; It’s more than a hospital, more than a care home, more than just consultation suites. Residents understand this, describing the staff as family and see St Luke’s as a secure and trusted place to be.


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