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Keeping Kingston Clean with iDefigo Smart Camera's

Kingston Council have been utilising Vodafone and Idefigo's Smart Camera's to help them achieve an 80% reduction in fly-tipping. Great to see our colleagues at Vodafone Business have completed their Kingston Council fly-tipping case study video featuring iDefigo Smart Cameras.

Fly-tipping is a crime that blights communities, poses a risk to public health and the

environment, and costs up to £392 million a year*. Even though Kingston is one of the lowest boroughs in London for fly-tipping, when it does happen their residents notice it. This is why they looked at Vodafone and iDefigo's Smart Camera solution to try and find ways that they could reduce it and if possible, eradicate it.

iDefigo and Vodafone's easy-to-deploy Smart Wireless Camera provides Kingston Council with a quick-start surveillance that lets them track events from anywhere they want, helping them to deter, discover and resolve issues fast.

The Smart Camera solution supplies the council with millisecond gaps in an image of set areas and looks for something that the system records as being different than expected. When it is something of interest, the council can download all images relating to that sequence and flag it up to their enforcement team to take action. This has enabled the council to reduce fly-tipping by on average 80%.

The Smart Camera's have also enabled the council to reduce the amount of time and effort that is required to deal with fly-tipping in lots of different ways. Their vision for the future is to try and continue to make Kingston a great place to live in and also to make sure that it's sustainable, and which includes keeping it clean as well as planning for the future.


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