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New Solution Launch - Logistics Perimeter, Premise Protection and Workflow using Advanced AI

Today more than ever Logistics is a fast-moving time critical lynchpin to any economy. The logistics industry is facing enormous changes due to digital technologies, the intelligent use of which in many cases is the prerequisite for decisive competitive advantages.Sites often rely on human interaction to monitor and keep tally of critical events in operational workflow. These are prone to error and cause inaccurate or untimely data points to be used to manage operations, making it very difficult to manage effectively.

iDefigo have a solution. Using advanced camera technology, the management and tracking of workflow stages can be automated using AI and IoT to:

  • Provide timely, accurate visibility of each stage of a logistics site’s unique workflow so that the workflow can be standardised and managed

  • Proactively send alerts when steps in the pre-determined workflow take longer than expected or are outside the norm – enabling a site to take corrective action early before the site performance has been impacted

  • Eliminate risk and associated costs of getting things wrong such as the incorrect trailer being shunted to a loading door, or a tractor picking up the wrong load and delivering to an incorrect location

​To discover how the features and the benefits read more here


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