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Prepare your Workplace for Post-Lockdown Life

Now is the time to prepare and start planning for how best to get your employees back to work safely. The January lockdown has placed tough restrictions on most businesses, and many have adapted well to remote working, but for others, this just simply isn’t a viable option long term. The UK’s third lockdown will eventually come to an end, and by the Spring, the Government’s message will surely switch to getting the economy moving again; by encouraging customers and staff to return to their traditional workplaces safely.

We now know that there is a range of risk factors when people are in close proximity and there are a number of ways of mitigating them: checking temperatures, face mask-wearing, social distancing. We also know that none of these is a cure-all and many of us have mixed opinions on their efficacy. But our principle at iDefigo is simple: if you can reduce the risk in a way that doesn’t impose massive burdens on your staff, then why not take that step? In addition, each of these checks is a good reminder of our personal responsibilities: wearing a facemask for instance can remind us, and people around us, to be careful.

With this in mind, iDefigo has developed a range of technologies to help manage adherence to these range of factors. What all these solutions have in common is that they are all designed to be extremely flexible, quick and extremely easy to implement, discrete in the way they operate, and all the data from them is centralised in the iDefigo Hosted Platform.

We are working very differently to all the other approaches out there to use technology. Individually we provide camera technology that can detect: Elevated Body Temperature, Face Mask wearing, people counting, social distancing and other PPE wearing. However, what we provide in addition that others don’t is a much more relevant way of using these devices. We are less about looking at individual non-compliance and more about providing the organisation using our technology with an alert that identifies a problem starting to occur in a site:

· The number of people with increased temperatures increasing

· Correlation of data across different devices e.g. face mask compliance increasing alongside more people with elevated body temperature

· Individuals repeatedly being found to non-comply.

This data gives clients the opportunity to manage the situation on a site by site basis, see trends across sites and identify and deal with individual issues, all across the full range of risk factors.

As an example of how we are working to get business and the economy back to work, iDefigo is working with The Curious Lounge in Reading who are using our Elevated Body Temperature solution (which can also detect face mask compliance), in their shared office space, to keep their clients as safe as possible, alongside other social distancing measures. The camera has provided re-assurance to office users and visitors that the facility is taking every precaution necessary.

This approach is designed to fit with your organisation's needs and policies now and as they develop over coming months, so if you are looking for a flexible approach to manage your organisation back to work please get in touch here.


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