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Safeguarding Employees & Customers: A Long Road Ahead

The spectre of coronavirus is not going away. The resurgence of the virus in recent weeks is the clearest indication yet that we will have to continue taking the virus seriously for a while.

We have learned several lessons since the initial outbreak of the pandemic, chief among them being the importance of monitoring compliance with the government’s guidelines in order to suppress the virus and avoid the most severe lockdowns and the associated economic damage that follows off the back of it. As a business, sending the signal that you’re doing your maximum to stop the spread of the virus is key to driving employee productivity, customer retention and goodwill.

That is why it’s so important that businesses implement solutions that effectively safeguard both employees and their customers. The benefits of this will outlast COVID. Solutions such as measuring Elevated Body Temperature will always be helpful – knowing if people have an infection of any kind is always valuable and will prevent the unnecessary spread and the potential closure of premises, both now and beyond Covid.

Separately or additionally, ensuring that everyone wears a face covering on your premises when they should do and follows social distancing for as long as it’s advised is key to instilling trust that you take the health of your employees and customers seriously. Ultimately, the benefits to your business will be several-fold.

iDefigo have a range of IoT Protection products for the Pandemic for non-contact thermal screening, face mask detection, and social distance monitoring. These enable you to provide more certainty to your customers and staff that you are taking every safeguarding measure possible.

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