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Smart Wireless Camera's Zoom In On Fly Tippers For Local Authorities

4 month ROI for deploying Vodafone Smart Wireless Camera at one site in Reading.

Fly tipping continues to increase across regions in the UK with growth rates at 70% from April 2019 – March 2020.

With over a million reported incidents across the UK and clear-up costs of over £10 million, pressure is mounting on Local Authorities to take action to reduce these figures.

Local Authorities need visual evidence to assist in identifying offenders and support the issuing of Fixed Penalty notices and possibly court action. Whilst the “hot spots” for fly tipping locations are known, they are often remote and do not have the necessary power and internet services needed to support traditional CCTV to monitor them.

In conjunction with Vodafone, iDefigo have helped over 50 Local Authorities combat fly tipping.


Reading Borough Council generated 27 fixed penalty notices (FPN) in as little as four months from our camera footage at just one location. At £200 to £400 per FPN, the kit at the site more than paid for itself in the first four months.

Since Wirral installed iDefigo’s Smart Wireless Cameras to help them deal with fly tipping and its aftermath, the cameras have delivered significant savings in cost and time and have also enabled the Council to enjoy the benefits of an increase in revenue:

Over £50,000 PA cost savings in Officer time alone from reduced set-up, maintenance, footage review and management time

An average increase of £500 per case in court costs awarded where camera footage is used in evidence to bring about a prosecution.

Local Authorities deploy our cameras to:

  • Identify when fly-tipping has occurred for timely action and investigation to be taken

  • Provide evidence to prosecute

  • Help to reduce fly tipping at a location and the associated clear up and forensic investigation costs

  • Generate revenue through fines to offset the costs to clear up

  • Monitor Anti Social Behaviour and help to provide safer streets

The cameras are:

  1. Easy to install, redeploy and use

  2. Self-powered – battery or solar powered

  3. Wireless – can be mounted wherever required

  4. Secure – no software to install, all footage is stored in a secure cloud service accessed via browser or mobile apps.

iDefigo, a UK-based specialist in hardware and software solutions for remote surveillance, has a Smart Camera solution which directly addresses the challenges that come with monitoring the most common sites for fly tipping. Unlike CCTV, the Smart Camera offers high-grade cameras that are easily installed anywhere at a low cost. The cameras capture events that matter and transmit images to any device, 24/7, with no on-site power, networking, or integration required. Importantly, the cameras send alerts when a trigger event has occurred, such as an act of fly tipping.


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