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Using Face Mask Detection Cameras to ensure people are adhering to new regulations

The UK government’s law requiring face coverings to be worn in enclosed public spaces comes into effect today. The law gives the police powers of enforcement, including a £100 fine. Whilst it is incumbent on individuals to comply and wear masks, businesses are also strongly encouraged to take measures to encourage customers to follow the rules. However, detection is difficult to carry out with a stretched workforce – technology is the solution.

iDefigo’s previous PROTECT Camera solution detected both elevated body temperature and facemasks and now, a new bespoke solution is tailor-made for just detecting facemasks, at a quarter of the price of the previous solution. The key features of the new camera include:

o Audible message played to encourage compliance where a person is detected without a facemask

o Secure message sent to an operator with an image of any person not using a facemask so that appropriate action can be taken

o Daily management reports on facemask utilisation to enable the business to understand customer behaviour and how closely policies are being adhered to

As a direct consequence of the above features, businesses are able to:

o Give confidence to their staff, customers and stakeholders

o Encourage the public to follow guidelines because they know it is being enforced

o Lets the technology police the compliance of face mask wearing, minimising staff intervention

o Ultimately leads to facemask usage becoming the new “normal"

If you’re a business owner contemplating the logistical challenges of ensuring your customers wear facemasks, look no further than the iDefigo solution.


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