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Monitoring, Safety and Efficiency

There are growing legal requirements for identifying, monitoring and reporting waterway overflow's,  impacts and discharge points in the environment as well as security, theft and vandalism concerns. For these reasons, safeguarding your physical assets and infrastructure is of paramount importance.


Protecting your infrastructure is undoubtedly a challenge, given the number of linkages between different systems, the remoteness of some of your assets, and the criticality of parts of the utility network. Whether it is cabling, tools, or generators, the logistical challenge of guarding these assets at their most vulnerable point is overwhelming. Typical remote surveillance systems require installation, integration and connection with on-site power, which is infeasible for the more remote areas of your infrastructure.


In many cases it is not just security that concerns most utilities, the need to also secure their remote assets from the impact of the weather, including flooding and storm damage, and with travel restrictions creating staff shortages, having remote ‘eyes on’ has become more relevant than ever.


The iDefigo solution

iDefigo, a UK-based specialist in hardware and software solutions for remote surveillance, has a quick install Smart Camera solution for surveillance of the most remote areas of your supply chain and infrastructure. The Smart Camera can be installed anywhere with no integrations or connections required. You do not have to be tech-savvy to install or use these cameras – an IT professional won’t be needed. The cameras transmit a real-time feed to any device you own, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As well as site monitoring if you move your workforce to working remotely, you can easily assign monitoring of the cameras to anyone, no matter where they are based geographically. Crucially, the cameras have an alert feature which notifies you if a trigger event has occurred, such as an individual coming into proximity of your assets.  

Relieve yourself of the stress of trying to balance the health and safety of your workers with the security of your physical assets. The iDefigo Smart Camera solution will enable you to secure your assets, more effectively deploy staff,  and preserve the health of your employees at the same time. To learn more about how the solution can be deployed on your sites, contact us now.

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Water monitoring article

Utility Monitoring

The iDefigo Hosted Platform stores and gives you access to all recorded footage, from anywhere in the world, with any device. In the case of damage done to your assets or infrastructure, the archived footage could be of great value in identifying culprits and in claiming damages. By having this feature available to you from any device, you can rest assured in the knowledge that surveillance of your site is only a click away.

Water and waste spillage Monitoring

The cameras intelligently detect relevant discharges, overflows events, and the visual footage is instantly transmitted over the IoT network to the secure iDefigo Control Centre’s cloud platform. This is ideal for water companies to monitor overflows, now a legal requirement. In July 2022 a UK water company was fined £1.6m for repeatedly polluting a waterway with sewage. The iDefigo solution provides remote visual monitoring - no on-site visual inspections required, saving on time, manpower and environmental costs. 

The iDefigo cloud-based platform uses Ai technology to create proprietary algorithms, raise visual alarms and automate manual processes, detects and reports events and raise conditional alerts 

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