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We deliver Visual Intelligence Solutions that can be deployed Anywhere.
With the power of AI, our Visual Sensors can immediately inform you of the events that matter.




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Our fully mobile GDPR compliant visual sensor surveillance solution, the true alternative to CCTV, can literally be located anywhere you need it, running off batteries or solar charged, delivering high quality images over 4G/LTE mobile networks to our powerful cloud platform, where using AI and Image Analytics we extract information that you can use to enhance your business processes. Ideal for environmental monitoring.


Turning Images Into Business Intelligence


We believe a picture speaks a thousand words - and we're committed to delivering you this powerful form of information.

  • Cost-effective

  • Fully Autonomous

  • Commercial grade - rugged and highly engineered 

  • Installed in minutes - battery or solar powered

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  • GDPR compliant

  • Full HD images

  • Wireless 4G image transfers

  • View cloud based footage from your smart phone

  • AI image analytics

Secure Platform Ecosystem, Actionable Insights

What we are all about is providing actionable information from images (we call this AiFi). 


We do this by providing a range of cameras and visual sensors that can be deployed literally anywhere (on the mobile network and battery powered), capturing footage that then is turned into impactful information in our Hosted Platform. Perfect for Utilities, particularly water companies, Councils, and other organisations who require environmental monitoring.

Barley Fields

  Rapidly Deployable IoT-Based Visual Intelligence.

Featured Clients and Brands

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The iDefigo state of the art Computer Vision & AI enabled surveillance platform is

powered by data from our exciting family of rugged commercial grade HD visual sensors 

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IoT Redefines the Surveillance Sector with iDefigo Computer Vision

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Rapid Remote Surveillance:
High quality event-triggered images

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Automatic Number Plate Capture:
Highly accurate edge processing

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iDefigo Group

1st Floor Pinnacle Building

20 Tudor Rd

Reading, RG1 1NH

UK: +44 (0)118 315 0125

NZ: +64 (09) 377 4309

AUS: +61 (02) 9557 8735

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IDEFIGO IN THE                 NEWS
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In June 2022 iDefigo features in the BBC TV News and on BBC Radio on how the South London Partnership is using IoT and AI to combat Fly Tipping

To see a range of our case studies click here


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