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North Lanarkshire Council Invest In iDefigo-Vodafone Smart Cameras To Beat Fly Tipping

North Lanarkshire Council (NLC) has had to deal with an increase of fly tipping over recent years which has been an expensive and time-consuming problem for the Council to manage. Recently the Council has pledged extra budget to help tackle fly tipping and littering which includes hiring three additional Environmental Protection Officers to enforce action, up to and including, prosecuting offenders.

Whilst NLC has a series of CCTV cameras in fixed locations, their use was limited as they require power and fixed broadband and therefore not suitable for use in remote areas.

In association with Vodafone Business NLC discovered that iDefigo had a solution that offered the flexibility they needed to combat fly tipping in remote areas or hot spots where CCTV was not suitable due to no electricity or the prohibitive cost of installing cables.

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